Basic Usage:

  • These instructions refer to features available on the ditzie Beta Site only.
  • Click and drag to move an image. Start by “pulling one down” from the row at the top of the page.
  • Use “shift + click and drag” to resize an image.
  • The up and down arrow keys will “raise” or “lower” the last image moved to the top or bottom of the stacking order.
  • Double clicking an image opens up a dialogue box where you can change:
    • The image itself (including the option to delete)
    • The “title” of the image (what pops up when you mouse-over)
    • The opacity of the image
    • The locked/unlocked and resizable/non-resizable option
    • The non-mutable option
    • The “always lowest” option
  • Shift + double click opens up a different dialogue box where you can:
    • Set an absolute URL for an image (note that ditzie will not save this value).
    • Set the HTML “class” and “alt” values for an image (which you probably shouldn’t screw with, lest you desire strange and unpredictable behavior).
    • Manually adjust the height and width, as well as the XY coordinates of an image (“W x H @ X, Y, Z” above the line).
    • Manually adjust the XY coordinates of ALL images on the page (++ “X  x Y” below the line).
  • Hit “return” (enter) to save a page
    • Each time you save a page, it generates a unique name (notice that the URL changes in your address bar).
    • Once you save a page, you can not change it.
    • Once you save a page, you can modify it and save a new copy, with a new name.
    • Because there’s no overwriting, there’s no need for accounts or permissions, which is good, because ditzie doesn’t have them (well, its gallery does, but that’s not a ‘Quickstart’ topic).
  • The URL for any page is “http://beta.ditzie.com” + “/[IMAGE SET]” + “/[PAGE ID]”
    • The [IMAGE SET] and [PAGE ID] components are optional
    • [IMAGE SET] is a reference to which set of images to display on the top of the page.
    • [PAGE ID] is a reference to the unique id number of a specific page.
    • If ditzie cannot find the values you specify, you get the default ones.
    • Any [PAGE ID] can be opened with any [IMAGE SET] (for example).
    • x” is valid [IMAGE SET] which returns a blank set.

Gallery Usage (creating your own image set):

  1. Register for the Beta Gallery here.
  2. Once registered, you’ll get a confirmation email which contains a link that will activate your account.
    Don’t forget to check your spam folder. And, if this email did get marked as spam, please mark it as not-spam. Doing so helps ditzie build a reputation as a good email sender on the Internet.
  3. Upload your images into your album and create sub-albums to keep them organized.
  4. If your username is 12 characters or less, you can go to http://beta.ditzie.com/your_username and access your image set directly.
  5. You can also access any folder in the gallery as an image set via its numeric “g2_itemId.”
    When viewing a folder in the gallery, notice that the URL in your browser looks something like this:
    If you go to http://beta.ditzie.com/267 you will view that folder’s contents as the default image set.
  1. Dennis Ingmire
    March 9th, 2013 at 11:08 | #1

    I’ve created an image gallery, but when I try to use it, I can only use the items that I have linked to the gallery. Not the items that I’ve uploaded. Does it just take time to update that info?

    • April 4th, 2013 at 14:44 | #2

      No, it should be instant. You may have something wrong with the permissions on your gallery. Looking at it now, I can access both your local and linked items. Is this resolved?

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