Some noteworthy examples of what you can do with ditzie…

RPG Battle maps

Scales of War Battlemap I (part2) – These pages utilize the original version of ditzie, but they quickly illustrate how well the system is geared for fantasy battle maps. Between parts, you can see how the images (the character tokens or “pogs”) have been repositioned, and how separate layers have been added to represent a growing fire.

Scales of War Battlemap II (part2, part 3, part4) – This is a more complex example similar to the above. Here, however, you can see an ever-expanding map layout that clearly illustrates where the characters are, where they have been, and what each individual player and creature is “up to” during the course of the game.

The Chaos Scar Battlemap (part2, part3) – Like the above two maps, this series of pages shows an expanding fantasy battle map. This collection is built on the ditzie Beta site.

Misc Battlemap – Here is a more generic battle map that does not use a custom background image. You can see here that a sort of cave has been fashioned with a blocking technique using a simple background texture and black rectangles as the walls.

Simple Battlemap – This simple map was created in about 2 minutes.


Weird Smile – Made of stretched and squashed simple shape patterns, here’s a page that shows a strange little smiley face.

Mr Jack – A few carefully positioned “cutout” images create this nerdy looking character.

Senor Spud – Much like the physical tuber toy, you can rearrange the “parts” on this spud to create a new personality.

Other ideas

Chess game – ditzie can represent a chess board.

Hieroglyphics – using the right image set, the sky’s the limit on what you can (quickly and easily) spell out with ditzie.

  1. Cyco
    July 4th, 2010 at 04:41 | #1

    Big fan of ditzie and thought I’d share some of the maps from my PbP games.

    http://beta.ditzie.com//x/4b85f5b136b62 – Mounted ambush
    http://beta.ditzie.com//x/4b9f3dc32bc5c – LFR adventure map cleaned up by me
    http://beta.ditzie.com/x/4c145ac418759 – Zombies Lab
    http://beta.ditzie.com/x/4c2cbb9b75fa0 – Dock with movable ship
    http://beta.ditzie.com/4c2c00037276e – Kung Fu themed map with movable crates

  2. noobiegameplayer
    May 25th, 2012 at 11:15 | #2

    Hey Cyco … I’ve got all my Tokens sorted, how / where do I get the code for a map so I can use them on there …

    Any help would be mucho appreciated :)


  3. May 25th, 2012 at 14:05 | #3

    how / where do I get the code for a map

    Not sure what you mean by “code for a map.” ditzie is purely an image-based system. You create a gallery, upload images, and then manipulate composite images. Maps are either images of places that sit behind other images, or image fragments that you assemble to look like a place.

    See the quickstart for information on getting started.

  1. June 18th, 2010 at 17:17 | #1
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