June 2nd, 2010

ditzie – The word ditzie is kinda like the word “smurf.” It has an array of meanings which can depend on context. It refers to both the application and the pages it creates. It refers to both the images involved and the canvas upon which they are drawn. It also means “silly,” “lighthearted,” “confusing,” “quirky,” “pleasant,” “irritating,” “funny,” “strange,” “comedic,” “bizarre,” and “enjoyable.”

Image Set – An image set is the collection (row) of images that appears on top of a ditzie page. It is typically linked to an album in the back-end image gallery by either name or number. If an image set is expressed by name, it is assumed to be the text name of a top level album (one that appears in the parent album) of the gallery. If the image set is expressed numerically, it can reference any album in the gallery whether or not it is a top-level object.

There is also a special image set called “x,” which is a reference to an empty or null collection of images.

Page ID – Each time a ditzie page is saved, a new and unique ID number is assigned to that page. This is the Page ID.

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