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Tip: Make Changable

October 4th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Have you ever regretted making an image non-changeable? Ever do it by accident? Don’t think you can undo that? Well, you can.

Here’s a little known secret about ditzie… while you can’t double click a “non-changeable” image to edit its Properties, you can shift-double-click it to bring up the Attributes window. From there, you can directly edit and change some of the parameters of the item, including its CSS rules. Simply delete the keyword “nochange” from the list of CSS classes associated with the item and click the “Set Classes” button. Click off the Attributes window and you’ll find the image is now changeable again.


Make a non-changeable image changable again

Now if you’re wondering if this somehow makes ditzie insecure… well, it’s worth noting that ditzie isn’t “secure” anyway. The whole point of making something non-changeable is to prevent you from accidentally making mistakes that would otherwise compromise your work. This is a larger philosophical debate (if your philosophy has room for something as silly as ditzie to begin with), but suffice it to say that being able to make-changeable any thing that was made non-changeable is a feature, not a bug.

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