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Feature add: Make Background

September 28th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve added a new feature to the Beta site, partially because it was asked for (over on Myth-Weavers) and partially because it’s something I’ve been thinking about myself.

When you have an image that you intend to use as a background, it takes a few steps to “get it right.” Move it down, strip the title, lock it, make it non-changeable. That’s a few clicks which I felt could be a lot simpler (especially if you use ditzie for incremental battle-mapping like I do), so I went and made it simpler. The new “Make Background” button in the Properties window (that’s what “double click” window is called: Properties) will do exactly that:

  1. Remove the title
  2. Move the image to the bottom of the stack
  3. Lock the image
  4. Make the image non-changable
Make Background

Make Background button in the Properties Window

Hope you find it useful!

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